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You are Guilty

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

“Bravery is being the only one who knows you’re afraid.” ―Franklin P. Jones

God, maybe the creator of the world, but what we create around us is totally manifested by our doings.

Yin and Yang is the most powerful truth. What it implies is so true that often we fail to accept its presence, in the people around us and us.

The good and the bad both resides inside each one of us. The accountability of the actions that make in every turn of our life falls into two categories - either it is the fault of others, or it is ours.

Wrong. This is just the initial phase, to blame others for things going wrong in our life. After giving it a strong thought, we all come down to the same page, which is to blame ourselves. The ability to foresee things and take action on them is strongly derived by either the good or the evil inside of us resulting in that sometimes leads to making compromises and settling for less than what we can achieve.

Oblivious to this fact, we are too adamant about proclaiming what's been said from eternity and we devour our strength and courage because of it.

The Blame Game

Self-Loathing is one of the biggest challenges we face. Yet we fail to realize how much it affects the people around us and us.

It is intimidating to act sane when things all around you are falling apart, and you are flooded with choices that you care not to make. In situations that are hard to handle, it is quintessential that what follows is empowered by the thought of us and not others. This not necessarily means you start questioning everything that you do, on the measure of selfness and selfishness.

The power of evil that resides inside us sometimes becomes so powerful that it hinders with our judgement and throws us down the road with the thought lingering around, how the hell did it happen?

Even the most sorted personalities find it hard to fight their demons and ultimately give into the trap of committing huge mistakes just because they are unable to reason what is wrong in them and work on it.

The peer pressure that surrounds us brings out the biggest evil in us. The poor choices we make, the inability to fight for our position and the work we have done is a testament of fear. And to activate all of these powers, we may have to unleash the demon inside of us is stupidest of assumptions we make.

The Verdict

The devil is inside you, you can either let it control you or you can control it. What you can't do is hide it or suppress its powers.

Life is a continuous struggle between two major parts - work and home. One knowingly or unknowingly affects each other. The choice is not which one to choose and improve first. It is whether you want to become a brilliant juggler or not. There is no escaping this trap of life.

And you for you to come out as a winner both at work and at home, you have to choose the rather harsh path.

Being selfish sometimes is not bringing out the bad in you. On the contrary, it projects your image as a confident and robust being who can stand up to right and wrong, and turn things around his way.

So, what's stopping you from doing all these things?

It's you. Yes, you are the Guilty one. It's either good or the bad in you that's stopping yourself from getting on top of the world and screaming, I am the best.

You are the culprit, and you are the perpetrator of killing your own dreams. Standing up for yourself, showing authority over people, arguing and standing your ground is hard to do but being a coward and ignoring them to make yourself likeable is a cruel thing to do with yourself.

Let go you Guiltiness

Enough of hiding around and fearing about people's perception about you. You should not be the one destroying your life.

For you to be happy at your workplace, you need to shed that extra layer of thought that makes you take one step back instead of taking two steps further when dealing with hard and tough situations.

Another critical factor in bringing out the demon in you resonates with the idea of not actually becoming a self-centred person but to put yourself in front of other people's expectations. Working extensively in an environment of acute competition, it is essential that you gather enough confidence to fight them and still win everyone's heart.

Becoming a devil is easy, becoming a hero is a hard task. Blame yourself, and everyone will start doing the same. Don't be the guilty one, know your strengths, work on them, grow your level of maturity in dealing with tough situations, and you can be the hero in no time.

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