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Big Checks and Big Lies

A significant part of our adult lives is gone in chasing what could only be called - hedonistic pleasures.

Articulating these pleasures with money and comfort of life won't be a wrong notion at all. An ambiguity of preferences always lies in such cases, but it is hard to keep apart an adult from chasing the guilty pleasures of stuffing the pillow with loads of bills.

Big checks, most of the times, are directly proportionated to achieving happiness at work. 'If you are earning big, that means you are happy, right'?

Could be or not, who's the one to tell. Unhappy at work or happy at work, you could be damn well sitting on a pile of cash yet figuring out what is lacking for you to be 'happy'.

Save the Lies

Lies, so conveniently have made a move into our lives; work and home, sometimes it's hard to read the reality in anything and everything that's been put out there. The lie you tell yourself every morning looking in the mirror is the most brutal one and if it is about how you feel about your work maybe you ought to take a day off and do some thinking.

Work need not be a liability of your life that you need to get done to run your house. Work can be everything you wished for (your liberty, your stage where you show-off your skills, your path to leadership, a road to bring a change in the lives of people around you and even far away from you, your final cut before the failures start fading away and a way to live a happy life) and more.

Working every day, telling lies about how you feel great even though you feel dreadful about it, while you count on those checks, but still doing nothing about it will make you quit sooner than later. The theory utterly opposite to this is the one where you seems to dwell deep into your work, where the worries cutting in big checks is of little concern to you than comprising on your work.

The Five C's of Success

Telling a lie or not, there is absolutely no point in sticking at a workplace where you can't find a reason to have a grin on that pretty face of yours; every day. With the increasing time of competition and recession, a study by Jessica Pryce-Jones lays down a curative list of Five C's to achieve happiness at work:-

Contribution - your effort into making things around you fall the way you orchestrate them to be

Conviction - your motivation in the efforts that you make towards your work

Culture - the way you get treated by your leaders and your peers in a workplace setting

Commitment - your engagement, every step of the way for a long duration of time

Confidence - your belief in yourself and your skills to take big risks

These 5C's can shape your conclusions in a much different way. Implementing these five characteristics in yourself and around you can help you in getting rid of living a lie. The emotion of being happy does come with a lot of ranging factors, money being one of the greatest of all. But what needs to be coerced is to aim for doing something that gives you real joy.

It is hard to find a workplace setting that gives immense joy and happiness in whatever you do, but that doesn't mean you will have to compromise with it just because the paycheck is too high for you to even consider your 'happiness'.

With the help of these five principles and continuous effort and dedication, making your dull and boring job into a happening and meaningful would be quite inevitable.

The Final Hypothesis

A lot of conjecture is tied up with this topic of whether you should be running after the money or the right kind of job that suits your passions and skill-set. The answers too are quite cynical at times and oblivious to the individuals at other times.

This is exactly where you need to be aware of the 'happy–productive worker hypothesis'. Continuous research and studies in this area have showcased that individuals who are content with their work tend to be more productive in their work and thus, in turn, are more capable of building an empire that thrives on passion and productivity.

Productive Workers measures and behaviours are also conceptualized narrowly most of the times, which underestimates their potential of earning big. So, stop compromising with your needs and wants, big money is a game meant to be played with a happy heart and not with sorrow will.

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