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Like it or not 'WORK defines LIFE'

We in Art of Working support working professionals in finding their optimum potential and transform their career


Since the time humans started selling their skills, work has been essential for earning a living. After the corporatization, work has become a way of living and has now become an integral part of life. Successful work is now synonymous with a successful life.

Be it an office related work, shop floor, business or even chores of a homemaker, all these can be defined as 'WORK'. WORK is the most critical part of life. If you can tackle work then you can tackle life.


 65% of our life is Work, more than 50% of our 'wake' hours is Work. Work is essential, and its value leads to earnings. Work, whether you like it or not, brings in money, social status, in fact, brings in the living.  ‘Art of Working is a prerequisite of ‘Art of Living’.

Robin Sharma authored a fantastic book, 'The Monk who sold his Ferrari'. However, in real life, we all desire to own a Ferrari. To want is to be human and fulfil these wants, one needs to work and work harder. Therefore there is no escaping, everyone who desires to have a successful life, needs to work; more the desires harder the WORK. 

However, there is a downside to this, and that is 'work is not just you'. Work, besides you, involves the business entity or the organization, the team, the boss, the office environment, skills, targets, stress and plethora of issues related to Work. A study by TTK health insurance says 95% of millennials in India are stressed due to Work, against the global average of  85%. The situation is probably worse in the top management, which is always under immense stress by their board of directors and the shareholders to achieve unrealistic targets. The higher you are, the colder and lonelier it is. And if you do not tackle the 'Work" well, it leads platitudes of issues, be it stress-related diseases, disturbed relationships, unfulfilled ambitions or to put it simply, a failed career.


Art of Working conducts Seminars, Workshops, Corporate training and Personal career counselling in helping in creating personal ‘Career Google Map’ and successfully transform the career and re-define optimum potential.

Like it or not, Work defines Life. Tackle work and control life

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