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Thiriving in a Toxic Work-Place

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

"As if environmental pollution isn't enough to cope with, the toxicity at the workplace (actual or perceived) at times becomes so unbearable that it manifests into life-impacting diseases, initially starting just as workplace stress."

Captivated in a workplace where the sole purpose of every man and woman is to climb the ladder somehow and stand at the top, things tend to take an ugly turn pretty quick. How did we all land up here?

The boss under pressure from his boss or the board members, unbelievable targets or the competition-based appraisal system all adds to the cauldron.

No one is to blame for this. In situations and instances, each one of us must have been on either side of the road. So if you see someone around you who is ready to sabotage you, how do you propose to make your way up the ladder? Oh and to be more specific, we ask this question in context to your work-life toxicity.

Workplace Relations

Organizational ethnography is a scarcely researched topic. What it refers to, is how an organization augments its internal relationships ranging from peer to peer, to within the hierarchy. Lacking this commodity has led the relationships in a workplace setting to get rotten with time and time.

Enabling Creative Chaos is the term put forward by Katherine K. Chen, in her book, where she attacks the lack of instating an appropriate organizational ethnography that roughs up the environment of a workplace so much that all it yields is a burning man.

Dysfunctionality may arise from a lower level or a higher level, and whatever the hierarchy is, good workplace relations always pave the way for a successful career. People are so caught up in the game of winning that they do not even think twice before harming anyone's sentiments or worse, their job.

Fascinatingly, the higher the number of people in the workplace, the more it gets tainted with the toxicity of people around. Still, at every point of our life, we are taught the importance of team building and being a team player. Well, now these so-called team members are the one ruining your dream of becoming the most successful version of you.

Such relations with colleagues will never take you too far, and you need to handle them tactically. When we say tactically, we mean a subtle way of not letting their negative vibes play with your goals and aspirations, and still maintaining a working relationship.

Who is the second most important personality in your workplace who can act as a toxic agent in your professional life? Well, no other than your beloved boss! Bosses at times can be incredibly impactful in the journey of any employee and having a toxic boss can be as resentful as it gets. Imagine you are putting all your efforts to get a "well-done" pat from your boss and what he is thinking is, "I must just give the promotion to that other guy I like". Or, when plays one team member against another.

Relationships can take you forward in every sense of your life. The kind of importance you give to your loved ones needs to be copied and pasted into the relationships you carry in your workplace as well. It may be a bittersweet journey but look at the bright side of it, the efforts are bigger and the reward even bigger.

Remove the Toxicity

"When you find yourself in an inhospitable environment, changing it won't help you, curing it is a smarter option".

It is not really up to you per se to handle all the toxicity that is floating around you in your workplace, though it would be stupid on your part to just let it slide and affect your career aspirations and health. That's true if you are stuck too long in a toxic environment you can forget seeing yourself taking that step towards moon let alone be on top of that ladder. What can be worse than this is that, you can damage your personal self by just accepting the toxicity around, getting bashed up by people.

So, what do you do know?

Getting rude or arrogant towards such toxicity seems to be an easy answer, but that is exactly what we do not want to advocate over here.

Removing polluting people pulling you down when you are too focused to achieve something monumental for yourself can be tiresome but keeping your calm is a bigger fight than fighting the toxicity.

Let's take a deeper thought on how toxicity really affects you. It hampers your confidence, leaves you working more than you should, it exhausts you ( mentally more than physically ), tortured and frustrated wanting to grab anything that can help you to stay just above the surface. If you are one to let it all go then you are the guilty one, and if not please do not be the one to pick up the sword because it is the most fatal end of surviving a toxic workplace.

Situations can be diverse, characteristics can be multiple when dealing in a toxic workplace, but the solution remains the same for all. Avoid being too sensitive to everything in the workplace. Avoid poisonous people beyond a point. Avoid being part of bitching babes club. Work on your passion for destressing.

If you are able to develop a positive attitude, being in a toxic workplace and surviving it can just be another project in your pipeline that you need to accomplish in order to climb that success ladder of yours. Get frustrated with this challenge, and you'll find yourself staring into the abyss and compromising your personal growth.

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