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How Leaders can make Work a Joy

Do you remember how we used to get shit scared of our Boss that we would not even face them if getting a good yell from them?

Times do have changed a lot since those days.

'Leaders' as a species are so closely put under the microscope that making changes in their behaviour and getting to the depth of management had to be a gradual evolution.

We all can give credit to the ideation of - Changing Work Culture, for this process of evolution; between Leaders and Employees essentially.

This has changed a lot of ideologies in the way we work now. Understanding the need for incorporating a cheerful aura at the workplace setting is the latest concept that has finally registered in the brains of 'now' Leaders.

Undoubtedly, the change has been evident in showing how working in unison with keeping the happiness quotient on the higher side; unimaginable things can be achieved.

Cessation of Old Behaviourism -

If we go in-depth and see the pattern of how all of this has worked, alas, in the end, the numbers show a crazy story. A study shows how in the initial years of introducing the concept of "Happiness at work" linked directly with the aggregation of upscale productivity; no matter how the scenario of Happiness is attained.

Although we are no one to say that 39% per cent people who drive productivity when they are happier is a lot, but the level of productivity that they bring is like giving you twice the workforce power.

Productivity is just the one chapter of emphasizing on the Happiness of the employees there are others just as important chapters related to this ideology like; retention of the happy employees, a build of trust in the organization and watching the growth of the company launch like a rocket and taking your efforts to the Mars.

"Giving out more thoughtful vibes can elevate the working environment in a team entirely. Gives more air to breathe and gives more chances to embark the great journey of success".

Accumulating all of these factors and gathering some more pieces of evidence, Leaders have now started their quest to find the perfect combination of applying the right processes in place where every member of the organization is given a hefty portion of "Happiness" through any means possible.

Breaking the stereotypes of a Boss, acting as a companion to the one below you, opening the length of conversations to get below the matter of solving a problem are just a few snippets of how Leaders are carrying the legacy of promoting and maintaining a happy atmosphere in the workplace to strive everyone towards a stable growth and ultimately a stable life.

One thing to keep in mind for upcoming Leaders who want to learn this attribute is that the act of bringing Happiness at work starts from you only. If the Leader is not leading with example, then how are the employees supposed to resonate his energy and vision.

Happy Leaders make Happy-Team

When dealing with so many challenges, mistakes are bound to happen, and no one needs to be perfect. This is so not the case when the stakes are higher than the ego of the people. It is perfectly fine to accept the challenges as they come and keep on evolving, Leaders too.

To run a small team or a whole fleet precision is what needs to be the arsenal, though it comes with a lot of hard-hitting decision-making skills. In all of this haywire, to keep some time for oneself is mandatory. A happy and content Leader is always able to think with a clear head and make impeccable decisions to steer the whole team towards their goal.

Keeping this in mind, it can be very effective if the Leader himself takes part in some of the stress-relieving activities in the workplace to better bond with the teammates and show his funny side as well. This will not only portray a healthy image of the Leader among his peers but will state the fact that 'He' is there for them when they need him, at the toughest of times as a friend.

All of this sounds so appealing right, belief us this change in the workplace and the Leaders mentality is coming sooner than you can imagine.

Everyone is changing with the pace of life, Happiness has become an utmost goal of life, and even though we can counter a lot of arguments about the evilness around the globe, we believe everyone is also helping everyone to attain a smidge of that Happiness.

Talk about how leaders need to keep themselves happy and engaging to maintain the same for their team and create the same aura around the whole workplace.

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