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Happiness at Work - A possible reality

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Living the Lie

We tell lies every day and to everyone, even ourselves, more so than often.

The biggest of them all is the one that keeps you up all night. You know it too.

YES, we are talking lying about being satisfied with your work life.

Some answers to these lies are. "Home is where my happiness lies" or "This is just for starters, I am gonna do something big". And then there are some mature ones like, "It is my bread and butter, not a joke".

A modern-day approach today to recover from this battle of not being satisfied with your work life is choosing a healthy lifestyle and spending more time with your family, a habit which is breaking its shackles like anything.

Not that we are saying it's not the right approach or anything, it's one of the elements of leading a happy life, but why the need to run away from work and not work on it.

The driving force for most people to run away from their work is mainly because they fail to love and appreciate the work that they do. We get it, you don't want to be satisfied and want to constantly look for better opportunities to grow yourself but it's plain stupid to feel miserable now, thinking about what future can hold and live a lie believing every aspect of it.....#stoplivingalie

Stop Manifesting Future

Future can be indeterminate. It need not be precise as per your choices. Preparing for it is the most obvious approach. But we manifest too much into future foreseeing that we become oblivious to the current happening around us.

Working on ourself is one such characteristic we miss either unintentionally or deliberately. Living in the present comes with the horror of addressing the issues. Working lifestyle and the type of competition we face at our work place is a perfect example of why we suppress ourselves into running away from its horrors.

What we really need to do is develop an understanding of how to concentrate more on the journey rather than the outcome. Because we fail to do that, the outcome always comes out to be depression, anxiety and sorrow just because we are too worried about how we will perform on the biggest stage of our lives, our work.

Overcome your fears

Perpetrating to your fears, not an affordable luxury in today's time.

Our brain works very mysteriously and never let us settle for a single goal, not a stable brain at-least. Some awe-inspiring words by Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker in "The Art of Being Brilliant" explains how keeping a stable mind with a will to fight the negativity within you, are directly linked with how to perceive your work place and your commitment towards it.

They instigate that happiness is not for sale and it can never be bought. So no matter how much efforts you put into improving your skills as a professional being, it will all boil down to how you are with your current situation and do you see yourself living a peaceful life after a span of time doing what you do now.

The fear that we build around us needs to go initially, if you want to find happiness at your work place. This can be attained by just following some simple steps.

The first one is to be grateful for what you have achieved so far and stop beating around the fact that you haven't been able to make it yet. Sorry, it's one of the cliched line so had to put it in here. On the contrary, now is the best time to think about your future, to think about your fears and figure out how to overcome them. It's now or never, now this cliche works well right.

Second thing that you gotta do is to find the right kind of tools to amplify your performance both in terms of mentally and physically. To face all the hardships that's been thrown your way during your work life you need to acquire the right skillset and a bunch silver linings to carry you forward in your future endeavours.

Making work a happy place, can be a possible reality, and you can make your dreams come true, no matter how small or big they are, all you need to keep in mind is so stay on your toes, keeping upgrading yourself, in addition to your professionals skills of course, but more than anything keeping looking out for ways to engage more than the conventional ways in your work.

Experiment with your surroundings, alter your approach, unlearn the worst things and learn the beneficial ones. Put yourself in other's shoes to see how you can fit yours well. And even after doing these things it will take a lot for you to be really content with your work, but it'll be worth it, trust yourself.

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