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Balance it Out - Work Life

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

When we talk about walking the extra mile towards achieving a work-life balance, we have also implied in the same instance that one of them has been negative and needs to be put at par with the other.

Whether it’s the work taking the lead or one’s life, it puts up an image of them competing for our attention. Yet, what we fail to realize at this moment is that there is no work to life balance as work and life aren’t two entities discrete from each other. The superset is LIFE and work happens to be its subset, similar to a dozen other subsets like adventures and marriages.

Now, a question might be raised that the grass seems greener from our side. It might be true.

What’s also true is the fact about time and perspectives. A sewage cleaner once asked about his conditional despair that made him put up with a job we would find filthy doing ourselves, surprisingly disagreed and said that he liked what he did and that there was no discontent. That strikes to the point of synchronization in which his life and job have reached, and accepted what he does for a living. For him, his life and his job aren’t the two flip sides of the coin so he doesn’t have to choose either. He lived his life in his day.

It also relatively conveys that social responsibility holds precedence over self-loathing work. It makes us realize that not every sewage cleaner or garbage collector hates what he does every day. Neither do we have to, if looked at from their perspective. Some people live where they work, others just visit. That makes all the difference between satisfaction and otherwise.

All you gotta remember is to treat both these entities as one and avoid running away from one and head towards the other.

Kill you basic instinct, rise to the occasion and conquer everything that comes in your way.

Treat your work place as your home and apply your work ethics at home too and see how far you can take yourself. You know one powers the others and harms it too. So figure out which one of these makes you less happy and work towards it. Try not to intervene the stress of one into the other and let it interfere with it. "Work needs to be dealt with brain and home with heart",who even said that, follow what your gut says and experiment to see what best fits for you.

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