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You can't win with your Boss

Leader, Mentor, Head all are merely just a synonym of for the most dreadful word in a workplace setting, BOSS.

Paranoid that you are, gathering pieces to make one single effort to last long in the mind of your boss so that you can be in his good books. Story of every man that has ever walked on the surface of the earth and worked under someone.

Although the changing times and the dynamics in the industry have also changed the dynamics of this relationship, be it in any field, the flurry of employees wanting to challenge the decision of their bosses to show their competence is the new dynamic.

Even the bosses nowadays have changed their approach in managing their employees. They tend to provide a considerable length of freedom in their choices and the way of working to instigate expansion of the brand in ways that are not foreseen by others.

This comes with a big challenge, of course. The freedom of choice and thoughts given to the employees sometimes can result in a dissonant behavioural change in the way an employee puts forward his ideas.

Horrors of Argumentation

Perpetual complexes in a team stigmatise the aura of a Boss, sabotaging the harmony required to elevate the growth of both employee and the boss.

You can relate to it, you have been there. Any time you sense you need to argue with your boss, even it is for the company's betterment, you know it's gonna go down the drain. If your mentor does not align himself with the idea, it could easily lead to an argument between you two and what comes after that are just horrors for you and your team.

Another major downside of getting into an argument with your senior counterpart is the patent response conceived by the notion of - "Boss is always right". The moment your boss feels insecure with you and your loyalty, you can be the elephant in the room, and he won't give a damn to you.

Furthermore, if you undermine your boss's authority and try to pull off a sick sleeve out of your pocket, well, my friend, you won't have a pocket for too long.

An excellent study based on self-evaluation and workplace management suggests not to be inspired by the attitude of your boss wanting to put you down. Instead, what you should focus is to figure out how to build a constructive feedback system with your boss rather than getting into an argument with him.

Your B-Plan

So, now that we have established the horrors of getting into an argument with your boss, whatever the reason be, you have to make your way through him eventually. There is no getting around it.

If you still feel that the repercussions of fighting with your boss, even if it's a constructive argument, there are too many reasons for you to look down when the boss is speaking. Such as:-

- The system will support him no matter what

- It'll be a waste of your energy

- It will deprive you of your peace

- It will affect relations within the office

What can you do now? Well, it's quite simple, don't fight with your boss. Sorry, joking, it's not that simple actually, and these are the few possible things you can try to avoid getting into a quarrel with the boss.

1. Look for resolution -

2. Frank and direct communication always help

3. Close the gap; it is lesser than you think

4. Show sincerity in efforts

5. Be empathetic

Surely, all of this has no meaning once you understand that Bosses are a rare breed, it takes one to become one. No one, we repeat no one can undermine you, and your confidence but to prove it by going all guns out is the best of practice at your workplace. On top of it your boss won't let you if he is a good one, he won't let you win it for your growth, and if it's a bad one, it won't let you do because of his ego and stubbornness. Either way, you're the one who's gonna have to hear it and carry the burden of it for a pretty long time, so Avoid it.

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