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Up-Skilling:- A Different perspective

"Learning is not a one-fold exercise, different perspectives form a more evolved version of learning. Expanding the horizons of learning can make the whole picture clear".

Work has always been associated with the idea of a never-ending learning curve where we need to upgrade our skills and be in touch with the latest innovations bubbling out, specific to our industry, of course.

What next? Up-skilling should be more complicated than this right. Do you really think upgrading just your technical and industry-specific skill is enough to make yourself a non-perishable resource, in your organization, or anywhere else you deploy your resources?

We are living in an era where having different perspectives is a key attribute for anyone; individual, teams, organization to really impact their journey towards up-skilling.

Other side of Up-Skilling

What we used to imagine, things, in reality, are a lot far away from them. Fighting in a competitive space is a truth we all come face-to-face every single day. But still, we somehow miss the attention to detail, and it is harming us in more ways than we can think.

Take this for reference; you are a key resource in your team, you spend days and night working on a project and give it your best shot. All your technical skills have been extremely helpful in this project of yours, but you get cold feet before presenting it in front of your clients. What happens then? That other guy from your team, the smooth talker gets his chance of presenting the project that you build from scratch and every angle of that work scream your name and your hard work. Too bad, you were too busy understanding the niche of the technicality of your task all this long that you never cared to venture and learn some other important skills (communication and interpersonal skills) and were too much dependent on the merit of your one and only skill.

Well, my friends, the future of work culture is rapidly changing, and super-humans is a concept not far from us. You can probably list one or two super-humans you already know from your personal or professional space, whom you envy so much that you wish you could just work like them one day. You see, if you talk to them, their perspective towards learning, growth and up-skilling is entirely different from ours. What needs to be drawn from this is no comparison, but a chance to understand what all other areas you think you are lacking and finally make some time to work on up-skilling those soft skills just as thoroughly as you have done with your technical one's.

A lot of organizations are also working extensively on this term - future workforce strategy. Derivation of this term is quite simple; transformation in the up-skilling levels of an employee is the next big industrial revolution. Employees with an all-round skill; a perfect combination of technical and soft skills stand a better chance at big opportunities and will be in charge of shaping the new world, the automated world.

What soft skills are we talking about, there are several of them, but some of the most vital ones that you can start working on right away are:-

1. Emotional Intelligence

2. Cognitive Analysis

3. Interpersonal Skills

4. Diversity and Culture Intelligence

5. Creativity

Re-Skilling the Up-Skilling

Up-skilling is a never-ending process. With age and time, even the concept of Up-skilling needs a redo or Re-skilling. The common perception of people mostly is related to a single side of up-skilling - brushing up their industry-specific skills and technologies so that they move with the pace of their industry and emerge victorious at every front of their organization.

The main problem now arises among many is, where to begin in this journey of re-skilling their skills. Where exactly are these so-called 'soft-skills' taught?

To start off with, having an open eye and ears can make you see and listen to how other individuals around are nailing this art of understanding the vision behind learning new skills and implementing it well in the areas that they lack. You can never be good at everything, but that should never stop you from not trying. Try and talk to your peers and seniors, figure out who is good in what and how can they help you in acquiring those soft-skills.

Of course, this is the easy way to get hold of these skills. If you wish you grab a hold of these skills for real and find out how can they be a key to be your all-round development and achieve 'happiness at work' there is no bigger place than, Art of Working.

Art of Working is the best platform available for people to grow a different perspective on their whole work-lifestyle. And, teaching these soft-skills is one of the many parts where Art of Working is best at.

So, with this, we leave you with a question that you need to ask yourself continuously. Are you ready to develop the different perspective to upgrade yourself and your skills and how serious are you about shaping your future? If the answers is the 'yes' than you know where to head and if it's a 'no' than all we can say is all the best for the future.

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