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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

With industrial progress in India, job losses are becoming a routine. However, India as a society and quite a large number of individuals still perceive this as their personal failure. Job loss is not about you but in fact, is more to do the with the failure of the organisations to bear the shock in the bad times.

The second-biggest impact of the Coronavirus outbreak in India after the toll on health has been the loss of employment. Data compiled by Money Control based on industry estimates showed that 10.8 million jobs have been lost across sectors since the March 25 lockdown. This is the worst-ever level of job losses estimated to have hit India after liberalisation. Even the 2007-2009 financial crisis had a relatively smaller impact, with about 5 million jobs lost by salaried workers across India.

As per my personal experience and the experiences of hundreds of individuals I coached through Art of Working, I have come to just one conclusion. Any job loss is not more than just a speed breaker on an old track, after which starts a new race on a much better track.

Here are 11 different ways I perceive a job loss

· Job loss is NOT A FAILURE but a great second chance

· Job helps in LIFE but is NEVER THE LIFE

· Job loss is another move in a bigger game of successful CAREER

· Remember that all the jobs are TEMPORARY

· Job loss reconnects you to the OUTSIDE WORLD

· It pushes you out of your COMFORT ZONE

· Another great opportunity of going back to the drawing board and REDESIGN YOUR CAREER

· Gives you a great chance to learn NEW SKILLS Job loss helps you to GROW MUCH FASTER

· Job loss gives you a long-deserved BREAK

· You get much needed time with the people who matter most.

· You become more STRONGER and start valuing even the smallest happiness

So stop regretting and enjoy till it lasts. It is a great time to grow as long as you believe in yourself.

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