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Pen and Paper

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Even if you are an old soul, there is no way you are still fighting back to stick to some of the traditional habits that you used to love.

And probably, several times we forget how simple yet effective those traditional habits used to be. We're gonna take the road down the memory lane to see how one of those old habits we used to practise is still the solution of one of the biggest problem we encounter in our day-to-day lives.

Let's address the problem first, and then we'll swing across the solution like a Wise Man.

Decision-making, yes we said it, no need to run away, you're gonna have to make one. Well, not just one but several in your entire life. Still, the first instinct we have is to run away from it or to avoid it as much as we can.

Decision-making is a skill not many tend to master or care to master.

Why? Ask yourself, you are the one doing it.

Derivations are simpler when they are approached from the least expected ways.

At every point in our life, there are decisions to be made, some may be harder than the others, but still, they need to be dealt with utmost clarity. What we scare away from is not the decision-making, which is tampering your judgement. It's the consequences of that decision.

Decision-making can affect all aspects of your life. Work-life relies more on strategical and tactical decision-making, and the personal one depends more on gut-based and heartedly. Irrespective of the type what matters the most is to handle it with care and thoughtfulness and lastly the right way.

Dumb decisions are often bad decisions that are made at the moment. The repercussions need to be drawn out and measured with a well-weighted thought. To do this, you need to know the crux of doing it.

There are specific ways to do things which inevitably are apter than the other evolving ones. Decision-Making is one such skill, which is so much crowded with multiple new evolving ways that the real effective ones are just being neglected.

Ok, don't worry, the answer is simple, just grab a pen and a paper and note it down.

Oh wait, that is the answer a Pen and a Paper.

The logic is simple, instead of circling around the whole decision-making problem, all you need to really do is grab a pen and a paper and write all the possible solutions. Simple right?

You may have your doubts but look at this way, in order to come to a conclusion of a problem you just need clear sight of each of the options that are in front of you and writing them down will make it even simpler to figure 'one' out of all.

The funny part is the realisation that there is always a simpler solution to a gut-wrenching problem and same is the case with your Decision-making power and jotting them down to find the simplest of answers is the very right approach of doing.

Worry not, it'll grow on you. Start caring a Pen and Paper with you all the time for starters and you'll see how much you can simplify things by just writing them down.

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