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My most prized possession today is my 'Breath'...Time to Reset,Reclaim and Restart our Lives.

After three decades of hard work in the top organisations of the world, today what is my most prized possession? It is my ‘Breath’.

I have been working since the age of 21 and in this course accumulated the so-called worldly possession, an apartment, an SUV, my branded clothes, my watches (so dear to me), my savings, my investments, my latest gizmos but honestly speaking the only thing that I am carefully defending today is my ‘Breath’.

The COVID storm has made all the worldly possessions I worked so hard for, all meaningless. I remember the days and nights of hard work, the stress of targets, the politics of the corporate, the biased bosses, the bitchiness of colleagues, all the struggles which I had to wade through to be ‘Successful’ (pun intended). Now all these rendered worthless; ask any Italian, Spanish, French or any New Yorker.

What has struck me the most is that not just the bourgeois, but even the high and mighty across the world are trying to protect this and only this one prized possession, their ‘Breath’. Even the Queen of England has moved out of here opulent palace to a simpler castle, only to protect her ‘ Breath’. Not sure whether she carried the crown along.

It has impacted one and all, the King of Spain, the Top Hollywood actors, the Super billionaires, the awe-inspiring Superathletes, the owners, the workers, people from all walks of life, it has spared no one. Even if it has not infected very many, but it has impacted us all.

All our life, we breathed without paying, without acknowledging, without thanking, without bothering, without counting. We polluted, cut down forests, messed with the environment, all for our greed. Time we pay for these indulgences. Time we rethink what are we struggling for? Is there anything more valuable than the struggle free ‘Breath’?

Time to Reset, Reclaim, Restart….

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