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Be a Captain in the COVID Storm – A Military Appreciation of Its Impact on Our Professional Life

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

"Fare wind and Calm Seas" – this is what a seafarer hopes for when he is sailing at high seas. However, nature is bound to show ups and downs, and rough weather may hit a vessel in the open sea with no time to react. Even if there is a practice of sending pre weather warning to ships for route change or speed alterations, every seaman has experienced high swell and the opposite side of the sea.

Translate this into our current situation. A storm with no or a minimal warning has hit us. COVID 19 has hit the world so fast and so unexpectedly that it feels like as if we are steering a sinking ship. Mind you, no ship sinks because of the water around it, it sinks when water gets inside it. It is, therefore, essential to steer your ship in such a way that you avoid getting the water (negativity) all around you to get into ‘YOU’

Being an army veteran, I have tried to analyse the situation with a military mind and come out with a few hard facts and possible solutions.

Following is the Sitrep (situation report)

Current Status - Enemy :

· Corona Virus is spreading and spreading fast.

· The situation will worsen in following few days.

· The medical facilities will come under severe strain in the coming weeks.

· The law and order situation may deteriorate.

· A lot of false news and rumours will undermine our morale.

Current status - Own :

· Self and family are medically fit.

· We have locked down ourselves to avoid any enemy contact.

· We are entirely self-sustained for at least the next 30 days. Additional replenishments are locally available.

· Internal peace is being maintained.

· Day to day expenditure has dropped, coverage of the current savings has improved.

· Friends and family are all digitally and emotionally connected.

Likely future state of affairs due to continued enemy action:

· The situation is still evolving.

· Some of the industries will be impacted.

· Jobs are likely to be under strain.

· Salary cut may be a possibility.

· Savings will come under stress and deplete. Anyways, savings are for rainy days.

· All the travels will continue to be restricted for a few more weeks.

The future course of action- Own:

· Keep an eye on the enemy and don't panic.

· Be positive, all will be well

· Learn new skills, unlimited online opportunities available

. Enjoy this unexpected holidays till they last

· Be aware of the industries likely to boom in this reality of 'Social Distancing'

· Activate your network on Linkedin, Whatsapp and FB; Also call up all your friends. CONNECT MORE

· Reduce expenditure

· Remain Patient; it won't last long.

After appreciating the enemy threat through a military mind, I sincerely believe that it’s a crisis for all the humans and we are together in it. Currently, our focus should be on the immediate threat and ensure we defeat the enemy. Do not worry about your life; just get out of the immediate storm successfully, life will resume. New opportunities will emerge, just get ready. Don't waste this amazing break, empower and skill yourself.

As working professionals, our families and friends look up to us for guidance, time to be the captain of the ship and in control to steer the ship successfully.

Be Patient Be Safe.

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