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We help aspiring professionals in designing & super boosting their career
We also collaborate with corporates in optimising their Human Capital

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A modern-day transformation program for aspirational professionals to help them achieve their career dreams

A key to unlock the pattern to success in all verticals of life by just following the mantra of Art of Working.

Learn how to unveil the secret of finding happiness at work, where you tend to spend a major part of life. Art of Work aims to enrich every individual’s life by changing the way they work. 

What is AOW?

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Explore a plethora of writings to understand how and why life revolves around work and how to make it jaunty.  


Life, as we know it, is a great turmoil. The spontaneity in it can be an adventure for one and a horror for someone else. No matter what genre of actor you are portraying in life, you gotta look like a STAR.



Col Nitin Sehgal

Indian Army

Atul Bhogwan

Advocate, Hitachi

Kewal Kishan

Technology Coach


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I have seen Atul's work very closely. He has always challenged and improvised the way of doing things that showed magnanimous change in the career of his team and  peers. 
With his decades of experience and exposure to top universities of the world, 
Atul now guides working professionals through 'Art of Working' which is having profound impact on the working professionals.

I have been working as an advocate for nearly four years when I met Atul. During our conversation I expressed my desire to change my work life. Atul worked on me as my 'Life Transformation Coach' for a year and changed the direction of my career. THANKS are the greatest Coach, Mentor and Life long friend for me. AOW is just the right platform you have created to support young professionals like me.

I have known Atul for quite some time and have observed his transitions. One thing that struck me the most is that despite he moving from one organisation to another, one country to another, one responsibility to another, Happiness at Work has remained permanent feature of him. He supported me in many ways to become a successful entrepreneur and imbibed into me the ethos of 'Art of Working'. I sincerely wish that he reaches to a considerable number of working professionals to teach them the science behind happiness at work.

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