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Corporate Training Workshops

A session of exploring, understanding and redefining

  • 6 hr 30 min
  • On request
  • Venue can be discussed

Service Description

Corporate professional are the most susceptible race when it comes to workplace satisfaction. However, its work, after all, right? Should we even expect to be fulfilled and happy at work? Yes, we should say, 'Annie Mckee', an adviser to leaders to Fortune 500 companies, it is more important than ever before in today's workplace and towards organizational success. A session with 'Art of Working' can do wonders for the team. Our esteem panel of coaches has built the best scientific formula to engage team-building characteristics and provide each and everyone with a real motive and purpose. We offer tools and techniques for making the work more meaningful and more fulfilling. It shows more than it tells, inspires and more than it lectures and leaves everyone with a personal agenda for action. It is the CEO of a big corporation or someone working in a small organization; there is so much to gain. We conduct training sessions in 'Happy team building', 'Motivation' and 'Leadership Development' and indulge in creating a deeper relationship with your work; to build a healthy and nurturing environment, which the drives everyone to their full potential and flourish at work. We always conduct a 'Happiness Audit' in consultation with HR team before any training session to understand the depth and involvement needed by our coaches to 'WORK HAPPY, LIVE HAPPY'.

Contact Details

Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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